Welcome to The Jazz Manor

This website is dedicated to the people who love jazz. It is also designed to enlighten those who are curious about jazz music and just beginning to take notice of this American true art form. We hope to educate, entertain, and generate conversation for all visitors to this site. We are here to guide you to events that involve the music, the artist, and the lifestyles of the Jazz world.

house-tag-line-546x190Our home base is Long Island, New York. The Live Events posted on our events calendar are usually in the NYC, Long Island, and tri-state area. While most events listed will be sponsored by other groups or organizations, there will also be events sponsored by the Jazz Manor.

The “Artist Profiles” feature will cover musicians from all phases and chapters of jazz’s rich history. Our forum is the place for the exchange of thoughts, ideas, comments, and inquiries about jazz and life. It is an online discussion that will allow members to voice their opinions and hopefully create a better understanding of the music, the artist, and the lifestyle. Our point of view recognizes the artist of this genre as having talents that stir the soul. We believe these musicians reach for a higher level of stimulation and mood altering satisfaction for the listener. Our “theme” speaks to the elegance that embodies this innovative music. Jazz began in places that look nothing like the grand mansion pictured above. It really started in the shacks, joints, and raunchy bars of places like New Orleans at the turn of the 20th century. Appreciation for the style and vibrants of this music spread across the country as the century unfolded. Every group, class, and race has been touched by it. The Manor (mansion pictured) represents our vision of where this elegant music should be performed. Imagine yourself in the audience enjoying the beautiful sounds. Embrace the ambiance of the grand ball room inside the manor where the food is gourmet and the drinks are delightful. We can see all types of people bopping and grooving to what the band is laying down. JazzKatz are soaking it all in and basking in those glorious moments. Yes, it all sounds like a fantasy, but we believe that any venue where jazz is played, whether it’s a shack or Avery Fisher Hall can transmute you to “The Jazz Manor”, if you believe. Our goal is to someday own and operate a retreat or resort as fabulous as “The Jazz Manor “. Until then, this website will serve as a step on your way to the enjoyment of all that jazz has to offer.