Jazz History

btaylorpianowebEach month there will be an article written by a featured writer on the history of Jazz. Each article will be from a different interesting prospective and cover a variety movements and styles. The writers will be a mix of pros and novices. Some of our members and visitors will be selected to publish an article on this subject on our site. The profession works will be from writers that have studied jazz for years. Those who are not pros should write about historical moments experienced, style,artist or engaging observations worth remembering.

In college I was fortunate enough to have Billy Taylor as my professor for the course titled “History of Jazz”. He, of course was excellent and very thorough.This was during the 70’s when fusion ,acid jazz,and crossover artist carried the flag for popular jazz.. Mr.Taylor did not dismiss those young innovative artist as some so-called purist did. Instead, he drew parallels between them and the greats of yesterday to drive his points home. He also made it clear that this subject matter was vast and could not be covered in one semester.

We may not be able to cover the subject of Jazz as well as the late Billy Taylor, but we will give it our best shot.